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Soil and Plant Health

We understand that there exists a unique relationship between soil and plant health, which leads to human health.
With the scientific discovery that soil health is based on three main factors: Mineral balance, soil structure and biological activity.
Therefore, we use one of the best laboratories in the world to test soil health and fertility.


Waste Management

Biology is key in waste management; microorganisms have shown great potential in degrading the most harmful chemical residues on earth.
For the economic benefit, all waste should be recycled or reused as far as possible.
The impact of waste on the environment can be mitigated. Raw waste should be processed or treated using microbes as a sustainable strategy for conservation.


Bioremediation has been proven to be one of the most effective sustainable solutions for various pollution challenges.
From hydrocarbon spillages to raw sewage or harmful chemical residues remaining in farmlands, our microbe teams have proven effective every time to remediate the contaminated areas in soil or water.
Onsite treatment is cost effective, and training is available for your staff.

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