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Medispec Sanitiser

Medispec Sanitiser

100% Safe, non-alcoholic, non- toxic but hard on bacteria, viruses and fungi. Kills 99.9% of germs.

Active ingredient 500ppm (HOCL)


Soil Health

Biodyne Environoc 401 with 25 different strains of free living microbes. Improved soil health for optimal plant growth and increased yields.

We work with a Soil health Analysis, do you know the difference?


Wastewater Treatment

25 different strains of free living microbes that digest organic waste to reduce sludge and remove odors. With a wide variety of applications, contact us more for information.

100% Natural and pathogen free.

Hydrocarbon Cleaner

33 different strains of free living microbes that can digest hydrocarbons in soil and water. 

A powerful and effective microbial approach to hydrocarbon polution.

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