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RM Bio-Solutions is a level 4 BEE Contributor.

We are an Innovative Company with Sustainable and Natural Solutions.
Harnessing the Power of Beneficial Microbes for the Agricultural, Environmental and Food Processing Industries.
We Offer a Cost Effective and Innovative Solution with various applications.

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Our Microbial and Anti-Microbial Products have a wide range of Innovative applications.
Below are some Industries where our products are making a remarkable difference.

Medispec Sanitiser

Food & Health Care

Medispec Sanitiser is 100% Safe, non-alcoholic, non- toxic. It is hard on bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Kills 99.9% of Germs. 
Safe for wound care and as a general disinfectant.
Can be used as a natural antibiotic.

Active Ingredient 500ppm (HOCL)
Manufactured in South African.


Biodyne Environoc 401 has 25 different strains of free living beneficial microbes. Tested and shown to enhance soil health for optimal plant growth and increased yields.
For all growth mediums, hydroponic, aquaponic, areoponic, crops, fruit and nut farming.

100% Natural and pathogen free.
Manufactured in South African.


Waste Management

Biodyne Environoc 301 has 25 different strains of free living beneficial microbes that digest organic waste to reduce sludge and odors.
With a wide variety of applications, contact us for more information.

100% Natural and pathogen free.
Manufactured in South African.

We Support Local Initiatives
and Put South Africa First

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