What makes our approach different?
Nature Approves!

The Power of Symbiosis!
Profitability depends on understanding and enhancing the symbiotic relationship between soil and plant health.

Soil Health

We re-balance minerals to restructure soil for optimum infiltration
of water and air, which will revive soil biology.


Rebalance Minerals



Restructure for optimum infiltration



Revive soil biology


 Vibrant soil biology will outperform balanced soil chemistry!

We help put the fun back in farming!

We have seen amazing results using the Biodyne Team of Microbes Environoc 401 and 501, combined with BioTricho (4 species of Trichoderma Fungi) and Mycorrhizal Fungi to revive soil biology and increase plant health.

Plant Health


The main purpose of a plant is to reproduce,
using photosynthesis as its mechanism to convert energy.

The four main elements necessary for plant growth.





Giving the plant the nutrition when and how it requires it, will produce a healthy vibrant plant.

What you cannot measure you cannot manage, what you cannot manage you will lose.

We teach farmers how to measure and analise their crops using a refractometer and other specialized analyses.

There is a better way


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