Biodyne presents a unique waste management product, applying the power of nature to solve your problems. Over 25 Strains of Fresh, Viable, and Natural Microbes selected for their capabilities to degrade organic waste. ENVIRONOC 301 is an easy to use liquid biological product comprised of a versatile team of several dozen unique strains of fresh, viable and 100% naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The 301 team of beneficial microbes thrive by accelerating the biological degradation of animal waste. By using ENVIRONOC 301, you will be unleashing the power of nature to enhance your Livestock Waste Management processes.

Environoc 301


  • Reduced odors
  • Less solids & sludge
  • Improved manure nutrient value, Stability and soil absorption
  • Effective, safe and natural way of manage manure


Degrades Fats, Oils & Grease “common organics” in wastewater. Reduction of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for odor reduction.


The sky is the limit to the various applications of this product. Reduced BOD, COD, sludge, grease and hydrogen sulfide in WW and collections systems, Waste and odor reduction in Animal cultivation and Animal rearing operation, Reduced grease in restaurants, food preparation and processing facilities that lead to excessive pumping, line plugging and odor, Improved performance of septic tanks, drainfields, and recovery of fouled Absorption fields, Water clarity enhancement and organic muck layer reduction in aquaria and ponds, biological treatment of drains.

Environoc 301

Various Applications for Environoc 301

Chicken Farming


All ponds & water features

Pig Farming

Pig Farming

Fat trap

Fat traps and drains

Cattle & Dairy Farming

Wastewater Treatment


Environoc 301 Before


Environoc 301 After

Improve Your Waste Management Today With Biodyne Environoc 301

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