Biological Stubble Digester


Crop residue. Stubble. Waste. The leftovers from last season’s harvest could be considered a real nuisance. From increased fertilizer use to tire damage and fuel consumption, the undigested residue is a physical tie-up of your investment dollars.

But there is another way. Biodyne’s ENVIRONOC 501 Biological Stubble Digester is a broadcast application utilizing high concentrations of more than two dozen naturally-occurring, viable, non-ge-netically modified beneficial microbe strains.

When you end your season with an application of ENVIRONOC 501, you’re already starting the next season off right. Not only are you increasing the workability of the soil and the ease of planting the next crop, but you’re also helping to reduce wear and tear on your tires and equipment caused by typically tough crop residue.

Over 25 Strains of Fresh, Viable, and Natural  Microbes selected for their capabilities to provide Enhanced Composting, Enhanced  Agricultural Field Stubble Digestion , Grass Thatch reduction, and other vegetation degradation. High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications

  •  Reduction of wastewater solids & sludge
  • Agricultural field stubble reduction of many crops
  • Home lawn biological de-thatching of grass.
  • Home lawn biological de-thatching of grass


Cellulose and related polymer degradation, Chitin and related polymer degradation, Degradation of lignin and many of its breakdown products


 Home and Commercial Composting operations, Reduction of wastewater solids & sludge in many insoluble polymer-rich manufacturing operations, Landfill green waste reduction operations,  Agricultural field stubble reduction of many crops,  Home lawn biological de-thatching of grass

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